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My Playful Puppy

Meet Carrie…


Her experience entails being an AKC show dog competitor, showing purebred dogs for over 15 years. She’s also a IPG Professional Master Groomer and about to be internationally certified as a Master Groomer.


Carrie has conducted professional seminars for novice groomers to learn proper pet safety and teaching new groomers to become professional pet stylists.

She’s familiar and knowledgeable on the latest trends of pet styling such as all Asian and Japanese Fusion styling. Being familiar with all AKC purebred profile grooming she has extensive knowledge and know-how in Creative Styling and color artistry for dogs.

With her experience, she is well skilled in hand scissoring and contouring pet hair for precise results in pet grooming.


Carrie specializes in grooming cats and has top-notch level holistic pet care and pet health.

She is an expert in pet nutrition and health.

Come in and visit Carrie and see just what she can offer!